Motor pulled out a victory in the opening match of the SEHA-League

The Ukrainian Champions pulled out a victory in the match against Tatran in the last seconds.

Motor Zaporozhye won the first match in SEHA League. The team of Nikolay Stepanets with one goal difference beat Slovak Tatran, and the winning goal was scored just three seconds before the final whistle.

When the score was 24:24 goal reached attack Igor Soroka, who jumped from a zero angle, but in an incredible way managed to get Igor Chuprin. The feat made the whole team, being able to focus at the right time. On 52 minutes the Motor lost 21:24,but after that the rest of the game not conceded a single goal.

Tatran (Presov, Slovakia) – Motor (Zaporozhye, Ukraine) – 24:25 (11:12)

Motor: The Don (2), Puhovski (2), Vujovic (1), Cous (1), Babichev (4), Kravchenko (4), Kasai (1), Doroshuk (1), Gurkovsky (1), Beetles, Malatinsky (4), Magpie (4).

In the next match of the SEHA-League Motor on 7 September the house will take macdonwald.

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