Movement – death. In Ukraine broken down 97% of the roads

Движение - смерть. В Украине разбиты 97% дорог

Today in Ukraine 97% of the roads are in terrible condition

Order in Ukraine there were good roads, we need reform of Ukravtodor and the fight against corruption on the roads.

In recent years, many Ukrainians prefer to travel around Ukraine by train, by bike, by plane, but not by road, says Elena Romaniuk at No. 16 in the magazine Reporter on April 22, 2016.

The choice is not in favor of car understandable – today in Ukraine will not find any region that could boast of good roads, what about the ideal to speak. On the most important transport arteries of the country the cover is broken, sometimes non-existent. In large parts of regional roads and lower status, the traffic is simply impossible.

Motorists do not get tired to remember “kindly quiet word” State road Agency of Ukraine. That’s just in this office to help owners of cars can’t, however, and information about the state of Ukrainian roads do not hide.

Almost the entire network [170 thousand km], about 97% of the roads are in terrible condition

Nikolai Berezovsky, the head of Ukravtodor

“Almost all of the network [170 thousand km], about 97% of roads, except those which have been restored in recent years at the expense of funds of international financial organizations, are in a terrible state,” – said at a press conference on 14 April the head of Ukravtodor Mykola Berezovskiy.

According to him, the worst condition of the road surface on the highway Dnepropetrovsk – Nikolaev, Nikolaev – Kirovograd, Odesa – Reni, Stryi – Ternopil – Kirovograd and others.

“The situation with the roads we have critical. And if the government does not face the road sector, within a couple years, half of the roads in Ukraine will turn into the direction in which to travel with the speed of 20-30 km per hour will not work”, – says the expert in the field of transport Alexander Kava.

Due to the poor condition of the roads of the loss of Ukraine in the period of 2016-2017 years will amount to 100-120 billion USD. In General, the Ukraine every year loses about 30% of GDP

In Ukravtodor felt that due to the poor condition of the roads of the loss of Ukraine in the period of 2016-2017 years will amount to 100-120 billion USD. In General, the Ukraine every year loses about 30% of GDP.

“Until 2016 for unscheduled repairs, we were losing to 176 million USD per year. For the money, you could buy 200 new vehicles,” considered the President of the Association of international road carriers of Ukraine Leonid Kostyuchenko.

In turn, the head of the group of companies Prime Dmitry Leushkin notes that the losses that the carriers incur in connection with increased amortization, in the end passed on to the end user.

“In the course of transportation of goods between Lviv and Kiev losses can amount to just 3 pennies per kilogram, but in other areas they go to 10 cents,” – gave an example of it.

It’s about the money

The main reason for the collapse of the road sector, on assurances of officials, of course, the lack of money. According to government estimates, over the past 10 years the level of funding for road works in the Ukraine was only 14-34% of certain annual experts the minimum necessary requirements for the repair and maintenance of the road network – 60 billion USD, according to the Ukravtodor.

In the state budget of Ukraine for 2016 again provided funding in the amount of slightly more than 10% of the required – of 6.57 billion USD. And it is twice more in comparison with 2015.

However, separately, about 900 million UAH officials plan to allocate for road works from the State Fund of regional development. Another 1.8 billion USD thanks to the experiment with unscheduled customs revenues in Odessa, Volyn, Lviv and Chernivtsi regions. International financial organizations on the road this year promised Ukraine around UAH 4.3 billion.

But with the attraction of new external sources of financing of Ukravtodor have any problems. In order to get foreign funds, the government urgently needs to use UAH 5.5 bn credit balances of funds attracted under the state guarantees in 2012 and 2013. In particular, at the expense of the money Ukravtodor need to repay a debt of UAH 1.3 bn to contractors for construction repair work.

“Now due to the fact that this debt is not repaid, autodialing 11 are in the trial, their accounts are blocked and work on the roads are not conducted”, – told Kostyuchenko.

In any case, even if the above-mentioned funds will be spent in full this year, according to Ukravtodor, will be able to fix only 1% of the total length of roads – little more than 1.750 km. considering the fact that you are in need of overhaul about 97% of the roads is money yet funny.

Global reform

Hope that the Ukrainian roads for the foreseeable future delight of car owners, naively, experts say. This requires reform of the Ukravtodor state agencies: changes in legislation, decentralization in the allocation of funds, strict control over their spending and most importantly – the liability of the company and its leadership for carrying out their work. And then the weather “suddenly” will not cause as much damage to the Ukrainian roads, as it happens every winter, and the money in the budget some will come up.

Recall that a year ago the Cabinet of Ministers approved the concept of reforming the road sector of Ukraine for 2015-2017 years. It was planned to be implemented in two stages. In the first stage, for 2015-2016, it was supposed to optimize the performance of state-owned motor roads of Ukraine with the transfer of the property, rights and obligations of the regional administrations. The second is to create a road Fund, as well as information and analytical system of management of the road to ensure interaction between the authorities and the industry.

But, as one would expect, a year has passed, and things are there. On the reform of the sector is still under some conversations. In particular, a few days ago about the decentralization of Ukravtodor said the newly appointed Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian.

“We are introducing traffic control, we introduce a control for the quality of the work that each of those performing work, was out of control, as has happened often,” he said during an hour of questions to the government in the Verkhovna Rada.

“Before you start the reform, it is necessary to take the balance of all roads Ukravtodor. This is the first time. The second – officials still have not decided how will be the transfer of the assets of the Ukravtodor oblavtodora, and whether or not local governments take the balance of obsolete equipment. For a start it is necessary to invest funds to repair and then to pass on places”, – in turn, believes Kostyuchenko.

Stalled work on the draft law on State road Fund. Thus, on 29 March this year, the Verkhovna Rada failed to pass a bill, under which the excise duty from import of petroleum products was earmarked to go directly to the road Fund, and now work must begin anew.

Many organs of the Central government, and, above all, the Ministry of Finance, are not interested in the adoption of the law on State road Fund, says Kava.

Now, in fact, the government cheats taxpayers because the excise tax that people pay when purchasing gasoline, spare parts and cars must go to the development of the road network. And this is only 20%

Oleksandr Kava, an expert in the transport industry

“Now, in fact, the government cheats taxpayers because the excise tax that people pay when purchasing gasoline, spare parts and cars must go to the development of the road network. And this is only 20%. The remaining 80% the government distributes at its own discretion. Therefore, to Finance the road sector without a road Fund is all the same what to divide a skin of not killed bear” – said the expert.

Agrees with him and Kostyuchenko: “If you adopt the law on State road Fund money will become visible. After all, who today knows how much we collect excise tax from gasoline sales (a receipt, which you get at the gas station, shows only VAT, no excise)? It is known only to the traders and the tax authorities, we and they will not tell the truth”.

The reverse side

“Before you build roads, you need to learn how to exploit them,” notes Luskin. – No amount of money today will not save the situation of roads. You can attach 6-6,5 billion USD, but so far we have on the roads will be driving cars-cars that carry 70-80 tons of cargo, this process will never be solved.”

According to the expert, we are talking about carriers who carry freight in Ukraine. This is, primarily, grain, metal, etc.

“The carrier, which is 20 tons of grain carries 70 tons, actually stealing money from the government because the government invests money in roads, and the carrier destroys them. At the last exhibition of trucks were presented machine, which can carry 150 tons! And Ukrainian companies are already interested in them. Yes, after such a machine on the track from the paver need to release” – outraged Leushkin.

According to experts, most from unscrupulous carriers suffer from the roads in the Dnipropetrovsk region, where carry 40-50 tons of metal, as well as Odessa and Nikolayev, where transporterowych grain traders.

“The roads in the southern areas have become hostage to the fact that there are ports, and there is a concentration of freight traffic” – confirms the Nikolaev activist Eugene Volova.

According to him, to save at least the remnants of infrastructure could weight complexes on the slopes. However, while in the Nikolaev area didn’t see any new services like police patrol, no new weight complexes.

“The police have no authority to work on weight control, and therefore do not have to wait on their law enforcement actions,” explains Volova.

To influence the situation with overweight cargo could transport inspection, but, as experts say that she is not interested in this issue.

Today, the carrier to stop in Kiev on the scales overloaded pays 500 USD. On the scales or in Zhitomir in Ukraine – 300 UAH. Multiply these amounts by 15 thousand cars, which both go on Ukraine. It specifically warms someone’s pocket

Logist, who requested anonymity

“Today, the carrier to stop in Kiev on the scales overloaded pays 500 USD. On the scales or in Zhitomir in Ukraine – 300 UAH. Multiply these amounts by 15 thousand cars, which at the same time travel around the Ukraine [only in the country 150 thousand carriers]. It specifically warms someone’s pocket” – gave to the Correspondent of elementary mathematical calculations Logist, who requested anonymity.

“The policeman, when there is an overloaded machine known grain trader, turning away not to see. Is corruption at a national scale,” confirms Kostyuchenko. And how to fight it, no one knows.


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