Movie premieres of the week: “angel” and “Point of no return”

Кинопремьеры недели: "Ангел" и "Точка возврата"

What to watch at the cinema this week in Ukraine?

The main premiere cinema in Kiev and Ukraine during the week of January 7-13. On 10 January 2019 in theaters will be five new Prime Minister.

On 10 January 2019 in theaters, you can watch five new Prime Minister: the French Comedy with Jean Dujardin in the title role “I’m enjoying it”, American psychological Thriller “Dark mirror”, drama “the Way home”, the crime Thriller “Point of no return”, where the main role was played by Sylvester Stallone, the Argentine biographical drama about the maniac “angel”.

I’m enjoying it

Кинопремьеры недели: "Ангел" и "Точка возврата"

I’m enjoying / photo:

Genre: Comedy

Director: Benoit Delepin, Gustave Kervern

Actors: Jean Dujardin, Yolande Moreau, Jean-Benoît To The South

Jacques 50 soon and he’s real lazy. The man has not worked a single day in his life, unlike the many relatives. Jacques was a fixed idea – to set up business, with which he can get rich and become famous.

One day he comes up with the idea that the most profitable business of aesthetic surgery. He plans to create a transnational company, which will provide services of plastic surgery. And to make them available, it injects the system lowcost.

Dark mirror

Кинопремьеры недели: "Ангел" и "Точка возврата"

Dark mirror / photo:

Genre: psychological Thriller

Director: Assaf Bernstein

Actors: India Eisley’s, Mira Sorvino, Jason Isaacs, Harrison Gilbertson

18-year-old high school student Maria is very lonely in life teen. The girl is not like classmates and even her own parents. In fact, she’s a social outcast. Maria starts to talk to the mirror and my reflection is perceived as a twin.

She trusts the air all my secrets and experiences, and that it supports throughout. Once Maria is changing the air in some places, and last begins to realize the most wild and untamed desires.

The way home

Кинопремьеры недели: "Ангел" и "Точка возврата"

The way home / photo:

Genre: drama

Director: Charles Martin Smith

Actors: Alexandra Shipp, Ashley Judd, Edward James Olmos.

Delightful story about a dog named Bella. She is cheerful and playful, loves yum-yum, with interest exploring the world. More than anything, she likes chasing squirrels. Unbridled temper played with Bella a cruel joke, the dog is lost.

Anything else does not remain how, despite circumstances, and large distances to get to the house and again to lick his master.

The point of no return

Кинопремьеры недели: "Ангел" и "Точка возврата"

The point of no return / photo:

Genre: crime Thriller

Director: Brian A. Miller

Actors: Sylvester Stallone, Ryan Guzman, Matthew Modine

During the robbery of a security van were killed, almost all criminals, except for MacDonald. He now resides in a mental hospital under the surveillance of the police. The offender health issues, he suffers from memory lapses.

Seven years after the incident one of the inmates, along with doctor forcing MacDonald to escape from the clinic. Pumped MacDonald experimental drug that is supposed to restore his memory, they hope he will lead them to where the hidden money from the robbery of collectors. To catch criminals it is necessary to detective Sikes. Now all we have to go back to where it all began, to the point of no return.



Genre: biographical drama

Director: Luis Ortega

Actors: Lorenzo Ferro

The film will claim the Oscar-2019 as best foreign film. The tape is based on real events, was produced by the famous Spaniards Pedro and Agustin Almodovar. The action takes place in Buenos Aires in 1971.

Teenager Carlitos is very beautiful and is somewhat reminiscent of angel. He was used to getting everything he wants and does not recognize any laws. The guy is a real criminal talent, he is cynical to the ends of hair. Carlitos will go down in the history of criminology, as one of the worst killers in the history of Australia.

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