Movie premieres of the week: “Power” and “the Mule”

Кинопремьеры недели: "Власть" и "Наркокурьер"

On which movie to go to the cinema in Ukraine this week

The main premiere cinema in Kiev and Ukraine during the week of 18-24 February. From 21 February 2019 in theaters you can watch all three new premieres.

Chief among them – the film – nominated for Oscar-2019 “Power” directed by Adam McKay. The main role in the biographical drama about the famous politics dick Cheney was played by Christian bale, Sam Rockwell, bill Pullman. Also in theaters will show a new work of genius of Clint Eastwood’s “the Mule”, with himself, and Bradley Cooper in the lead roles. Complement the top three of the Premier this week of the children’s animated film “How to train your dragon 3: the Hidden world”.


Кинопремьеры недели: "Власть" и "Наркокурьер"

The power / photo:

Genre: biographical drama

Director: Adam McKay

Actors: Christian Bale, Sam Rockwell, Bill Pullman

The story of a man who managed to change the world. He was the most invisible from the environment of the most powerful man in the United States, but was able to change the situation and his opinions often depended the fate of the country. His name is dick Cheney. No one else such a talent overpersuasion, such amazing speaking abilities, and live a brilliant mind.

Dick Cheney got what you wanted from life. When US President George Bush offered him the position of Vice President, Cheney was 46 years old. Agreed to a tempting offer it only when he was instructed to deal with the areas in which he understood the best: the army, foreign policy, energy and the state apparatus. The activities of Cheney is considered the most successful to this day.

The mule

Кинопремьеры недели: "Власть" и "Наркокурьер"

The courier / photo:

Genre: crime Thriller

Director: Clint Eastwood

Actors: Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper, Lawrence Fishbourne

The movie is based on real events in 2014 that have occurred in the United States. Earl stone – 90-the summer veteran of the Second world war. Under the circumstances it becomes a drug mule from the Mexican cartel.

It is progressing quite successfully, but soon an elderly criminal is detained with a large consignment of drugs worth almost $ 3 million. What the outcome of the criminal adventure grandpa?

How to train your dragon 3: the Hidden world

Кинопремьеры недели: "Власть" и "Наркокурьер"

How to train your dragon 3: the Hidden world / photo:

Genre: children’s animation

Director: Dean Deblois

Actors: Cate Blanchett, Kristen Wiig, Gerard Butler, Jonah Hill

The final part of a trilogy the books of Cressida Cowell. The village, where peace and harmony live dragons and Vikings is threatened. The enemy Armada hunters dragons, their goal is the destruction of every last one of them.

To protect your home, brave ruler Hiccup and his faithful dragon Toothless go on a journey into a hidden mythical world where, according to rumors, is home to thousands of dragons. Hiccup thinks the dragons must unite to save his little home.

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