Movie premieres of the week: “toy Story 4” and “Games of thrones”

Кинопремьеры недели: "История игрушек 4" и "Игрища престолов"

The main premiere cinema in Kiev and Ukraine during the week 17-23 June

The main premiere cinema in Kiev and Ukraine during the week of 17-23 June. From 20 June 2019 in theaters can be viewed from 7 the new Prime Minister

The fourth part of the animated film “toy Story”, the scoring of the characters were Hollywood stars Tom Hanks, Keanu Reeves, Joan Cusack and Patricia Arquette, the horror movie “Children’s games”, a psychological Thriller, “MA”, drama, “the cry of the wolf” and “follow the dream”, a fantastic Thriller “Child robot”, a parody of “Games of thrones”.

Toy story 4

Кинопремьеры недели: "История игрушек 4" и "Игрища престолов"

Toy story 4 / photo:

Genre: children’s animation

Director: Josh Cooley

Actors: Tom Hanks, Keanu Reeves, Joan Cusack, Patricia Arquette, Tim Allen

Another part of the family franchise about toys. Buzz, woody and all their friends continue to miss his ex-mistress, Andy, who has grown and now in College. The toys new owner, Bonnie girl. The little one recently went to kindergarten, but has already managed to find there new favorite toy – Loco-fork, named Wilkins.

The latter is very dissatisfied with the new purpose and using a family move, decided to escape. Bonnie was very upset and woody with friends go for Loco-fork chase. They have a big adventure.


Кинопремьеры недели: "История игрушек 4" и "Игрища престолов"

MA / photo:

Genre: psychological Thriller

Director: Tate Taylor

Actors: Octavia Spencer, Missy Pyle, Luke Evans

A shocking Thriller that looks can be deceiving, and good-natured colored woman hides behind the mask of his dark essence. A group of teenagers planning a party and gladly agreed to spend it in the basement of the house sue alone, whose name is “MA.”

You guys have no idea what is in store for them this party, and what keeps the secrets of their patron.

The dream

Кинопремьеры недели: "История игрушек 4" и "Игрища престолов"

The dream / photo:

Genre: drama

Director: Max Minghella

Actors: Elle Fanning, Agnieszka Grochowska, Zlatko Buric

New musical masterpiece from the Director of “La La land” by max Minghella. In the role of singer violet – El fanning. She played the role of a provincial girl who dreams of fame. In pursuit of her, violet decides to try their hand at a talent show.

But how to cope with uncertainty in their own abilities, fears, and win long-awaited victory? The film will feature songs who performed Ellie Goulding, Anne Lennox, Ariana Grande and Katy Perry.

Kids games

Кинопремьеры недели: "История игрушек 4" и "Игрища престолов"

Children’s games / photo:

Genre: horror

Director: Lars Clauberg

Actors: Tim Matheson, Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman

Karen is a single mother raising a son Andy, and they recently moved to a new city. One birthday, she gives him the doll Chucky, which he had long dreamed of. Chuckie is not a simple doll, with its help you can control many devices from the “Caslon”.

The doll would be for Andy friend who the guy is. But Karen is not even aware of the sinister nature of the doll, on his bloodlust. When Chucky received almost unlimited power, he begins the game. Clever Andy quickly understands everything and tries to destroy Chucky until it was too late.

The cry of the wolf

Кинопремьеры недели: "История игрушек 4" и "Игрища престолов"

The cry of the wolf / photo:

Genre: drama

Director: Abel Sainte Marie And Musee

Actors: Omar Sy, Francois Civil, Mathieu Kassovitz

D’orsi is a brilliant submariner with perfect hearing. The “Golden ear” could easily identify the sound, but one fatal mistake. Now under the threat of death is the whole crew of the submarine.

Trying to rehabilitate, D’orsi gets into the epicenter of international conflict, when peace is step away from nuclear war. A guy investigates the case of a military provocation. To prevent the Apocalypse, an elite combat team of the submarine required to do the impossible, because the main order is not subject to cancellation.

Child robot

Кинопремьеры недели: "История игрушек 4" и "Игрища престолов"

The child robot / photo:

Genre: fiction Thriller

Director: Grant Sputore

Actors: Rose Byrne, Hilary Swank, Clara Roger, Luke Hawker

The epidemic of life on Earth is no more. In the secret bunker of the UN in cryogenic freezing hold 65 of thousands of human embryos. Robot Mother raises one of them. It’s a girl. In 38 years, a Mother teaching her philosophy and ethics.

Once in the bunker’s electrical system breaks down and the girl suddenly realizes that this may be outside of the bunker, it is possible that there is life. Her opinion is that the Woman that once was knocking at the bunker and asks her to see him. The woman says that some people are still alive and trust in a robot is impossible. Girl and Woman run away from the bunker.

Games of thrones

Кинопремьеры недели: "История игрушек 4" и "Игрища престолов"

Games of thrones / photo:

Genre: Comedy

Director: Ara Pia

Actors: Lou Ferrigno, Anna Hutcheson, Angus Macfadyen

The cult TV series “Game of thrones” mega-popular all over the world. The final season was watched by millions of people.

“Games of thrones” parody Comedy about the violent struggle for power of a few influential families in the world of medieval fantasy. What ready rivals, the conquest of the throne?