MP about the e-Declaration: to be Rich is not a crime, but a crime to have wealth with bribes

Нардеп об е-декларировании: Богатым быть не преступление, но преступление – иметь богатство с взяток

Andrew Antonischak in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 31.10.16

The introduction of electronic Declaration system is the first step, which allowed us to see state officials. In the case of the specified data corruption components, it should be the National anti-corruption Bureau and National Agency for prevention of corruption, says MP Andrew Antonischak. He said this in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine”.

“I’m against the fact that we used “post-Soviet” terminology, “look, rich man”. We like the rich man, means a thief, a briber and so on. Being rich is not a crime. But it’s a crime to have wealth with bribes. It was the first step. All showed their status. And now a question for the NEB and NACP… Any person may apply to the NEB, in NACP, a statement that I believe such a person takes or took bribes. Open criminal case, and then investigate”, he said.

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As reported, the national Council of reforms it plans to introduce a zero electronic Declaration for all citizens of Ukraine. In particular about such plans today, said the head of the national Council of reforms Dmytro shymkiv.

In addition, the expansion of the list of declarants made by the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman. “I think generally now it is necessary to expand the list of those who must submit such declarations. It should be including representatives of state companies. It would be good if such Declaration was filed. This is an absolutely normal step,” he said.

As reported today, the first stage of submission of electronic declarations for the subjects of declaring, who is responsible and very responsible position. Your return is not filed, only 7 MPs.

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