MP-atoshnik Deidei before the war, was convicted for robbery – journalist

Нардеп-атошник Дейдей до войны был судим за разбой - журналист

The MP has committed a robbery, during which he hit a woman with a rifle butt on the head, says the journalist.

MP from “popular Front” Eugene Dade in 2012 was convicted of assault. This was stated by independent journalist Volodymyr Boyko, who posted a copy of the sentence to Dade.

“In fact, Deidei is a thug of Reni of Odessa region, who hunted GOP-stop, was convicted, and is now hiding from the bodies of criminally-Executive system, and which, thanks to Avakov received a certificate of people’s Deputy according to counterfeit documents,” wrote Boyko on his page in Facebook.

The journalist posted the sentence of Suvorovsky district court of Odessa of 23 March 2012, in a robbery five years received a Dade Eugene S., 12.07.1987 year of birth (same as birth date of the Deputy shown on the website of the Verkhovna Rada).

According to the document, Deidei with his partner (now his assistant at BP, according to Boyko) committed assault on a married couple, in which the Dade hit the woman with the butt of the gun on the head.

“I will quote only one place of the sentence: Dade and Shavelsky caught up with Trandasir A. M. and S. V. Trandasir and, threatening with application of a hunting rifle and a pistol, has demanded from the latter to convey to them the property on which the victims refused. Then when he says no victims, Deida applied to him a violence dangerous to life and health, which was to strike with the butt of a sawed-off shotgun over the head of Trandasir S. V., from which she fell to the ground and lost consciousness”, – says Boyko.

Further, the Dade and his co-defendant continued to beat plundered butt, legs and gun. Criminals took possession of the coat, money and cell phones of the victims.

Also, the journalist promised to publish the new facts about “the fighting way of the famous commander of Dade”.

We will remind, in 2015, it was reported that in the area of the ATO disappeared people’s Deputy Evgeny Deydey, but later it was found.

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