MP: Immortal have deployed to explain the reason for the withdrawal from the Minsk talks

Нардеп: Бессмертный должен развернуто объяснить причину выхода из минских переговоров

MP from the faction “popular front” Andrew Teteruk believes that the novel Immortal need dati a detailed commentary on the reasons for exit from the political sub-group of the Trilateral contact group in Minsk. This MP stated in the air of “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

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According to the MP, information about the disagreement with the position of President is not sufficient to understand why the Immortal left the political subgroup.

“I’d like to hear a more detailed review that prompted Mr. Novel, because the disagreement with the position of the President is too little information to understand what is the main reason to leave these negotiations,” – said Teteruk.

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“I would be just as difficult as the Lord of the Roman, to control your emotions, despite the fact that I can control it. We are not talking about personalities me or Mr. Roman, it is about our prisoners and the fate of the country. Should be a good quality negotiator and a diplomat”, he stressed.

Recall that Immortal announced that it would stop work in the political subgroup of Donbass.

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