MP: In Kiev coming rapper from Kazakhstan, speaking in the Crimea

Нардеп: В Киев едет рэпер из Казахстана, выступавший в Крыму

Rapper Jah Khalib is coming to Kiev

Belotserkovets asked not to allow Ukraine rapper Jah Khalib.

Russian rapper Jah Khalib, whose real name is Bakhtiyar Mammadov, traveling with their performance in Kiev, before speaking in annexed Crimea. This was written by the people’s Deputy from BPP Dmitry Belotserkovets in Facebook.

“Asked the Prosecutor of the Crimea and the SBU with a request to check the information about the upcoming November 4 concert Jah Khalib (in the world Bakhtiyar Mammadov) in Kiev. According to the media, Bakhtiyar Mammadov in 2015, gave a concert in the occupied Crimea. As expected in the Crimea, he entered, without a corresponding permission on the part of Ukraine that is a violation of the order of entry of foreigners in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and violation of the law, the data already entered in eRDR (under article 332-1 of CC of Ukraine) with all the consequences (thanks to the Crimean Prosecutor’s office for efficiency)”, – wrote the MP.

The MP hoped that the relatively artist authorities will take the necessary steps.

As reported, the security Service of Ukraine has banned entry to Russian Vyacheslav Masnou rapper, known under the aliases Purulent and Slava.