MP: “It Nasirov” is a positive precedent

Нардеп: "Дело Насирова" - это позитивный прецедент

MP Dmitry Dobrodomov in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 16.02.2017

The case against suspended head of the State fiscal service of the Roman Nasirov is a positive precedent in the activities of the newly established anti-corruption bodies. This opinion in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine” stated the people’s Deputy Dmytro Dobrodomov.

“Without a doubt, this is a precedent, because the newly established law enforcement Agency that aims to fight corruption, reported the first, which has now culminated in the detention of 60 days of a TOP official, which is Nasirov. We on our Committee tried twice to call for the conversation of the Roman Nasirov, because of complaints about corruption or its subordinates, or accused him directly along with his Deputy and the head of the internal security service, who resigned as soon as the trial Nasirov,” said he, adding that this precedent “is definitely a positive.”

Recall that the Solomensky district court of Kiev chose to the head of the SFS Novel Nasirova measure of restraint in form of detention for a period of 60 days with the right to make UAH 100 million of collateral. Prosecutors insisted on the Deposit of 2 billion UAH. Nasirov is now in the chamber of Lukyanovka jail. He’s already appealed his arrest.

As reported, the evening of 2 March with the Chairman of the State fiscal service Novel Nasirova handed suspicion. During this time he became ill. According to lawyers, the suspect was handed over when the head of the SFS was already unconscious, which is illegal.

March 4, Solomenskiy court began to take a measure to Nasirov, but I couldn’t make a decision until 23:52 on March 5, following the expiry of the term of arrest of the official. The meeting resumed on the morning of Monday, 6 March.

Refined conclusion of the Institute of cardiology named. Strazhesko about the health official testifies that Nasirova was diagnosed with hypertension stage II, high risk. As of March 4, the patient in the emergency room is not needed.

Chairman of the State fiscal service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov is suspected of abuse of office and embezzlement of public funds in the amount of over UAH 2 bn. The consequence considers that Nasirov, acting in the interests of the Deputy Onishchenko, the “gas business” were arbitrarily granted a number of enterprises the possibility of tax liabilities in installments.

Нардеп: "Дело Насирова" - это позитивный прецедент
Нардеп: "Дело Насирова" - это позитивный прецедент

Нардеп: "Дело Насирова" - это позитивный прецедент

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