MP: mid-may, the anti-offshore package of bills should be prepared

Нардеп: До середины мая пакет антиофшорных законопроектов должен быть готов

People’s Deputy of Ukraine Anna hopko broadcast “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” said that by mid-may should be prepared package of anti-offshore laws.

According to her, many Ukrainian politicians used offshore for tax evasion in his Homeland.

“On the topic of offshore. We saw that from a list of 20 people voiced a few names. There are still other Ukrainian politicians, very famous, who used offshore companies to minimize taxes and not pay them in Ukraine,” said hopko.

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“This concept of a package of bills was presented. There was a discussion with international companies with the Ministry of Finance and deputies of different political forces that are members of the Committee,” – said the MP.

Hopko reported that in may there will be a public discussion of the anti-offshore legislation.

“The agreement at the National Council of reforms was such that by the middle of may already be a public discussion,” she said.

“We have to understand that there are politicians who speculate on this topic, but to register a specific bill hands do not reach. So I really hope that by mid-may this package of bills should be prepared,” – said the Deputy.

As reported, Poroshenko established a working group for counteraction to the trafficking of revenues abroad.

Previously Poroshenko has instructed the Finance Ministry and the SFS to work on Ukraine’s accession to the Convention to ensure access to the accounts of non-residents.

Recall, dozens of media outlets around the world simultaneously published materials about the owners of large offshore, based on data from “Panamanian archive” – the collection of documents about offshore schemes a little-known company from Panama Mossack Fonseca.

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