MP Sobolev told how he was provoked to beat “cyborg”

Нардеп Соболев рассказал, как его спровоцировали избить "киборга"

Sobolev commented on the incident with the “cyborg” lie under

The MP called the incident in the tent city protesters under the Rada provocation.

MP Yegor Sobolev believes provocation incident with “cyborg” in the tent town of protesters under the Rada in the center of Kiev. On Wednesday, October 25, the MP said on his page on the social network Facebook.

According to him, the ATO Yaroslav Khodakivska during a rally near the Verkhovna Rada called and said, “People are freezing, the National guard will not allow the tent, gather people, help”.

“Representatives of the national guard and police do from day one to systematically block bring to camp sleeping pads, pallets, firewood and stoves. “The administration does not allow”. The majority of guys understand that it’s against the law and not the truth, so from time to time fade away, or offer to carry us as MPs. All the secrets can not give, but the supplies we provide,” wrote Sobolev.

The MP noted that “cyborg”, who fought not to him, the Ukrainian police were forbidden to carry a tent in the center of Kiev, tried to go”.

According to Sobolev, it was the most secure checkpoint between the government and the Parliament. The result was the crush began, during which the policeman fell. Soon the national guard I ran to the aid special.

“In our camp, who formed the veterans of the war for independence, calling it “for the liberation of Ukraine from the oligarchs and traitors”, sounded the alarm: “Alarm on the second”. Rapid response team stopped the advance of the commandos inside the camp. I ran out of the tent with them and tried to separate both sides. I pointed to Yaroslav and began to shout: “Here is the agent provocateur.” “He’s already three times does it.” “We reassured him, and he continues,” – said Sobolev.

After some time, the MP allegedly approached investigators the police and asked to testify about what a provocateur from the other camp.

“I said, “What with this person?” The answer was that he was detained, simulates attack, but the doctor had seen him and he’s fine. I thought maybe the police to detain his agent. And refused to testify. As told in the court of Yaroslav, he is also asked to testify to me,” wrote Sobolev.

“Then you’ve seen a lot on FB, on websites and on TV. Commentators from power began to spread news of a blueprint: “the Deputy Sobolev beat cyborg for trying to smuggle a tent” and “Protesters injure police officer”. I called friends from Zhytomyr automaidan, who said they know of Yaroslav as a short-tempered but nice guy. The guys from “Right sector” in our camp have confirmed that he fought in the WCT. Through them I immediately tracked down the lawyer who undertook to defend Yaroslav, and offered as a lawmaker to take a person on bail”, – wrote the MP.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that under the walls of Parliament there was a fight between the people’s Deputy from the Samopomich Yehor Sobolev and one of the protesters, which was “cyborg”.

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