MP surprised

Депутат удивил

The ice was broken! Starts a flash mob from the Deputy A. L. Turchin. Dnepr suffers from snowfall. Car crash, pedestrians are falling, schools are not working, transport costs…

As a result of adverse weather conditions and the current threat situations, numerous injuries, the townspeople were in thrall to the powerful elements.

Experienced veteran – the Deputy of the Dnieper 4,5,6,7 convocations, Chairman of the Construction chamber, Alexander Turchin is launching a social flash mob for his native city.

Attention!!! All students and student groups and concerned citizens of the city, the MP offers to take part in the rescue from the ice and snow city of rubble. All wishing to participate in this promotion will supply all necessary equipment, sand, salt, and your work will be paid!

The aim of the flash mob is to support the elderly, children, citizens and guests of the city in safe moving around the yards and streets of the Dnieper.

By participating in the promotion, you:

• added another case to his Treasury of good works.

• proudly bear the title of patriot of the Dnieper;

• earn money.

The elements is unpredictable and often uncontrollable. Only a persistent and bold, the strength to conquer it and steer in the right direction. Join our efforts to support the development and condition of the Dnieper!

P. S. to make things more fun, you can grab a thermos of tea,sing a song, shoot a video and upload it to the network.

Address of headquarters:

The Dnieper,

Central district

St. Gavrilenko, 2.

Phone: 067 102 91 22