MP: the Constitution should not take Parliament and the people

Нардеп: Конституцию должен принимать не парламент, а народ

Take the fundamental law of the state should not parliamentarians, and the Ukrainian people, or a constitutional Convention. About this on air of the “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” stated the MP of Ukraine Sergey Taruta.

According to him, in the Parliament registered a draft law providing for changes in the procedure for the adoption of the Constitution.

“What you need to change the Constitution is evident to all. Our group, interfractional Association “all-Ukrainian dialogue”, has registered the draft law 3781, developed by experts from civil sector, there are about 15 authors, civil organizations and experts on the Constitution, which provides for a new procedure for the adoption of the Constitution,” he said.

News on topic: For a comprehensive decentralization it is necessary to change the Constitution, – the Ministry of regional development

Taruta is convinced that the new document should be written with broad powers of regions.

“I think it’s what is necessary for systemic change, to adopt this law, which clearly provides that the Constitution rests with the people, the constituent Assembly and not Parliament, to which there is no trust. To chose regional representatives, who were not politicians. Then we get a correct, balanced, a new Constitution that would give large powers to the regions”, – said the Deputy.

As reported in the government action plan to 2016, the key objective of the ongoing reform of decentralization. In particular, by may 1, assumes improvement of instruments for financing regional development through amendments to the Budget code and the law of Ukraine “On fundamentals of state regional policy”.

Recall, 31 August 2015 people’s deputies of Ukraine 265 votes in the first reading adopted amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization. Against the bill was unanimously voted the Radical party and “Batkivshchyna”. Did not support the document, also the majority of deputies from “Samopomoch” 5 members “Block Poroshenko”, 1 – from the “Popular front” and “svobodovets” and DILL. “The opposition bloc” voted unanimously “for”.