MP: the Continued blockade of Donbass can lead to losses equal to half the defense budget of Ukraine

Нардеп: Продолжение блокады Донбасса может привести к убыткам, равным половине оборонного бюджета Украины

The continued blockade of the occupied Donbass may lead to losses equal to half the defense budget of Ukraine. About it, referring to the calculations of economists, said in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine” people’s Deputy Vadym Kryvenko.

“Economists have calculated that the continuation of the blockade could lead to approximately $ 2 billion. losses for Ukraine. We have the whole budget of the national security and defense – $ 4 billion. That’s half the budget of the national security and defense. I would like to say it is not about economic losses, and social issues. Today we are talking about the fate of hundreds of thousands of people”, – said the Deputy.

News: Hroisman: Trade blockade of Donbass will have a negative impact on the economy of Ukraine

Note that in Ukraine because of the trade blockade of Donbass from 17 February introduced a state of emergency in the energy sector, which will operate for a month. Blockade of railway tracks began on 26 January, it was initiated by people who call themselves veterans of the ATO.

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