MP: the Increase in tariffs for gas and the situation with Schuster linked

Нардеп: Повышение тарифов на газ и ситуация с Шустером связаны между собой

Yesterday’s scandal with the ban TV presenter Savik Shuster to work in Ukraine and today’s Cabinet decision on increase of tariffs for gas connected. This broadcast of “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”, said MP from the faction “Batkivschyna” Sergei Vlasenko.

According to him, the air of the Shuster sounded criticism of the government, including regarding tariff increases.

“I understand that it may look like a conspiracy, but I attributed today’s increase in tariffs yesterday and the situation with Savik Shuster, because in fact the program Savik Shuster – it was an open, platform on which sounded including the real criticism of the government with the argument, including what they do in terms of raising rates. Therefore, having all power in this country,do whatever you want and still close the mouths of those who want to say something against. With Savik it was a very vivid example,” said Vlasenko.

We will remind, journalist Savik Shuster has revoked the work permit in Ukraine. The reason for this was providing inaccurate information: Schuster allegedly hid that against him is a criminal investigation. In response to this, the journalist went on a hunger strike until he returns to work in Ukraine.

Savik Shuster works in Ukraine since 2005 Led public-political talk show “Freedom of speech”, “Freedom of Savik Shuster”, “Shuster LIVE” on various Ukrainian television channels. Leads now political talk show “Shuster live” on TV channel tv 3S, is the CEO of the production company “Savik Shuster Studio”.

January 15, 2016 Schuster announced that concerning it the criminal proceedings for alleged tax evasion.

In the Prosecutor General of Ukraine has denied this information and said that we are talking about faktovoe criminal proceedings, which commenced on the results of the tax audit, OOO Savik Shuster Studio”.

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