MP: the Russian Federation will be responsible for lying on the court in the Hague

Нардеп: РФ будет нести ответственность за ложь на суде в Гааге

Irina Friz. Archival photo.

The Russian Federation will sooner or later have to take responsibility for the lies that its members are voiced in the International court of justice regarding the situation in Ukraine. This was in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine” said MP Iryna Friz.

“Now Russia is doing (lying – ed.) in international court, where lie means to bear direct responsibility for the lie. Because all that was stated today, easily broken by the facts, that are proven in the presentations that I personally passed through Inform Napalm Angela Merkel, the headquarters of NATO, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and recently returned from Washington, we also discussed this in the state Department, National Security Council, White House. All this is obvious to all. But we are also interested in the fact that Russia has publicly lied. Because it is inevitable to everything that Russia is doing next,” – said the Deputy.

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As reported previously in the International court of justice representatives of the Russian Federation explained the origin of weapons from the militants, saying that the Soviet or Ukrainian army left the gun was in the mines, and fighters found it themselves. The SBU is the statement of the Russian Federation called part of an information operation in a hybrid war against Ukraine.

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