MP: Ukraine is still trading with Russia in certain types of goods

Нардеп: Украина до сих пор торгует с РФ определенными видами товаров

Olena Sotnyk

Ukraine still continues to trade with Russia in certain types of goods. This was in the “Evening Prime” to “112 Ukraine” said MP Olena Sotnyk, commenting on the trade blockade of the occupied territory of Donbass.

She stressed that the initiators of the blockade primarily aim to eradicate smuggling in the area of the ATO.

“This initiative is very clearly stated on the key, it was about the illegal move, that is about smuggling… to Fight we have with crime has the right to every person. If he sees a crime, he has the right to suspend him. And no one here can ban people to stop crimes,” – said the MP.

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The centurion also commented on the information obtained from the Ministry about the fact that Ukraine still maintains trade with the Russian Federation of certain categories of goods.

“Three weeks ago, I received an official reply from the Ministry of economic development, which makes it very clear that today, with Russia, Ukraine still has not officially imposed trade sanctions certain kinds of goods or even any trade. That is the state today in fact, and it should initiate the Cabinet, has still not initiated direct sanctions in trade with Russia. This means that today we continue to help and pay the aggressor for certain services. Then this money is converted into bullets that kill our soldiers. Why then not talk about it”, – said the Deputy.

“If to speak about the blockade of the occupied territories, the social blockade, in my opinion, not acceptable, is it about the primary goods consumption,” she added.

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Today, the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that the decision on any closures in zone anti-terrorist operation can only be made Supreme commander.

As previously reported, the second commander of the battalion “Donbass” Anatoly Vinogrodsky noted that the veterans of the ATO announced the beginning of the economic blockade of the so-called “LNR/DNR”. According to him, this time the blockade will be more severe than years before.

Veterans of the ATO said that they will fight in the first place with the smuggling of metal, wood, alcohol and cigarettes. According to them, they do not intend to infringe upon local people who are carrying food.

Recall, December 16, fighters of voluntary battalions brought to fighters on Donbass ultimatum demanding the release of Ukrainian soldiers who are held in captivity. Fighters have to start the exchange of prisoners. Otherwise, they face an economic blockade.