MPs came to blows live

Нардепы подрались в прямом эфире

Fight MPs

People’s deputies Oleg Barna and Yuri Levchenko did not agree on the introduction of martial law.

MP from the bloc of Petro Poroshenko Oleg Barna and MP Yuriy Levchenko of the Freedom fight live. Relevant video Thursday, 6 December, published on the website of the TV channel Rada on the social network Facebook.

The incident occurred during a broadcast on the TV channel Rada. The deputies led the discussion. Soon Levchenko gave Barna a servant of the oligarchy, after which he advised him to cover his mouth and to serve in the ATO.

In response Levchenko said that Barna had “shown their skills”, and recalled an accident involving a tram.

After that Barna came to Levchenko, hit him in the face and pushed off the chair.

Informed Oleksandr Vilkul and Alexey Goncharenko made a skirmish live.

It was also reported that in live TV channel there was a skirmish between the former Minister of health, now Deputy Oleg Museum and head of the public organization Patients of Ukraine Dmytro Sherembey.


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