MPs feared that they will be beaten, and did not come to work

Нардепы испугались, что их побьют, и не пришли на работу

Leonid Yemets complained about half-empty hall

Because of the precautions the people’s representatives, a half-empty session hall today.

Today a part of deputies did not attend the plenary session of the Parliament for fear of being beaten up protesters. This was told MP from the popular front Leonid Yemets, UNIAN reports.

According to him, the discussion of health reform is taking place today in the half-empty hall, because some members were afraid to come to the Parliament because of the incidents that happened yesterday people’s deputies from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko Alexey Goncharenko Oleg, and Barno.

Emets noted that, according to the deputies, “those who do not go, and which breaks down to a vote, it will be nothing, and this (we are talking about physical violence) affect those who just appeared,” so a number of members today, and didn’t come to the meeting.

However, he acknowledged that some MPs did not go, and the part of the frightened beating of people’s deputies and simply does not appear.

Also emetc stressed that some MPs may not come to the next meeting, and then it will be very difficult to find the votes for health reform and the direction of the draft legislation on the restriction of parliamentary immunity to the constitutional court.

In addition, the MP added that the organizers of the protests need not result, and the rallies and the political picture.

He noted that today it passed in the Parliament through Sadovaya street, 3-A, that is, through the building, which hosts the committees of the Parliament. As you know, the building on Sadovaya street, 3-A, is connected by underground walkway to the building on the Grushevsky street, where the sittings of the Parliament.

Many members also took advantage of it passage through the building on the Garden, under which no protesters that allowed them to avoid any incidents.

We will remind, in Kiev, at the intersection of Hrushevsky and Garden 17 October were clashes between activists and law enforcement officers – three persons suffered.

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