MPs fined for absenteeism at 3.5 million

Нардепов оштрафовали за прогулы на 3,5 млн

MPs fined for absenteeism

Worst of all, attended the meeting of MPs from the will of the people.

For seven months of 2017 from the wages of MPs deducted 3.5 million for missing the plenary meetings of the Verkhovna Rada. About this on his page on the social network Facebook announced the press service of Committee of voters of Ukraine.

It is noted that only 45 deputies attended all meetings of Parliament. The rest of the 377 missed one or more sessions of the Parliament and, accordingly, underpaid part of salary.

Among the factions and groups are Pleased the worst of all attended meetings during the session the deputies will of the people – in the audience there were 63% of MPs.

The attendance for the other factions: the popular front – 85%, BPP – 84%, Radical party of Oleh Lyashko, Fatherland – 80%, Samopomich – 73%, Vidrodzhennya – 69%, Opposition bloc – 67%.

Recall, for truancy deputies can check on the website lie.