MPs made a skirmish live

Нардепы устроили перепалку в прямом эфире

Vilkul and Goncharenko had a fight live

Alexander Vilkul and Alexey Goncharenko made a skirmish live when discussing the murder of the activist Catherine Gandzyuk.

MPs Oleksandr Vilkul (opposition bloc), Alexey Goncharenko (PPO) arranged verbal skirmish live. This happened during discussion of the murder of the activist Catherine Gandzyuk on channel ZIK.

“I believe that to talk about Catherine Gandzyuk’s no way a bastard like Alex Goncharenko, who filmed flopping about near the House of trade unions in Odessa”, – said Vilkul.

“You bastard! A real bastard, the enemy. I helped people, gave them first aid,” – said Goncharenko.

“You filmed writhing near the House of trade unions”, – continued opublikowac.

In response, the coach demanded that the administration publicly release the video, which he says.

Previously live TV Direct there was a skirmish between the former Minister of health, now Deputy Oleg Museum and head of the public organization Patients of Ukraine Dmytro Sherembey.

It was also reported that the deputies Igor Mosiychuk and Sergey Shakhov came to blows in live TV.

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