MPs Poles and Rosenblatt not from the GPU suspicions

Нардепы Поляков и Розенблат не от ГПУ подозрения

The deputies did not come to the Prosecutor General.

Deputies Maxim Polyakov and Boryslav Rozenblat, who was stripped of parliamentary immunity, did not appear at the appointed time, the Prosecutor’s office to present their suspicions. This was announced by the League press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Larisa Sargan.

According to her, with the two deputies had agreed in advance that they are coming to the GPU to present their suspicions at 14:30.

However, the Poles arrived at 9 a.m., “organized a small circus to write a post in Facebook about what it here at 9 am, no one is waiting,” said Gar.

She also reported that at 14:15 called Rosenblat and said that he physically can’t get out of the Parliament building because it is blocked by protesters.

Press-Lutsenko’s Secretary said that “as soon as possible, either he will come or we will come”.

According to Gar, the GPU will arrive in the Parliament at 17:00, to vote for removal of immunity of Mikhail Dobkin. Then, perhaps, will be awarded to suspicions Polyakov and Rosenblatt.

“Will it be handed to the suspect there (in Parliament – ed.), does not yet know the issue is solved,” said Gar.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada refused to remove parliamentary immunity from MP Andrey Lozovoy and Dade.

The Parliament approved the lifting of parliamentary immunity and criminal prosecution of the MP group the will of the people of Oles Dovgiy, Rosenblat and Polyakov.

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