MPs will cost the Ukrainians 40% more expensive

Нардепы будут обходиться украинцам на 40% дороже

The Verkhovna Rada

The contents of the Parliament in the new year will be increased to 1 billion 724 million UAH.

In the state budget for 2018 includes an increase in funding of the Verkhovna Rada to 1 billion 724 million UAH that is 40% more than in 2017 (1 billion 217 million UAH). It is reported

According to the law on the state budget published on the Parliament website, the salary of MPs, their assistants and all the staff of the Verkhovna Rada envisages UAH 981 million (40% more than in 2017).

For coverage of Parliament in media and the support of the newspaper the Voice of Ukraine provides 61,5 million.

The law on the state budget for 2018 pledged revenue growth of 19% with 771,2 billion to 917,8 billion (including General Fund by 20% – from 702 billion UAH to UAH 842,8).

Spending budget in 2018 will grow by 17.9% from 841,4 billion to 991,7 billion (including General Fund 18.3% – from 768 billion UAH to UAH 908,5).

Earlier it was reported that Ukraine will increase funding for anti-corruption agencies.

We will remind, on officials in the Cabinet has doubled the costs.