Mr. Yan refused from the post of Prosecutor of the Lviv region

Горбатюк отказался от должности прокурора Львовской области

The head of the main investigation Department of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Serhiy Gorbatyuk refused from the post of Prosecutor of the Lviv region, as is responsible for the investigation of criminal proceedings concerning the events on Independence square. He reported about it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“First of all, I am responsible for the investigation proceedings against the Maidan, against high-ranking officials, who are investigating the management, therefore these cases must be completed. So I refused (from the office of the Prosecutor of the Lviv region – ed.)”, – he noted.

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As reported in the Lviv region there is a vacancy for the position of Prosecutor, and the Department of personnel work of the GPU began the search for a candidate who will take her. The post suggested that the Gorbatyuk.

This fact MPs-optimists viewed it as a “link”. However, the PGO said that the Gorbatyuk not forced to occupy a relevant position and a decision is still pending.

Notably, MPs-optimists actively promote the idea of the appointment of the attorney General Gorbatyuk.

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