“Mriya” unable to start mass production

"Мрию" могут запустить в серийное производство

The cost of this project may reach $ 4 billion.

SOE “Antonov” is considering the launch of serial production of aircraft An-225 “Mriya”, said in an interview ЛІГА.net first Vice-President of the company “Antonov” Alexander Kotsyuba.

The cost of creating a second instance and start the serial production of the machine is estimated at 3 to 4 billion dollars.

“By conservative estimates, the creation and launch of such a plane in production is estimated at 3-4 billion dollars. The lion’s share of the cost is pre-production, production tooling, procurement of equipment, certification and issue of design documentation,” – said Kotsyuba.

According to him, a certain interest in cooperation for the production of the aircraft have with Chinese investors.

“There is some interest from China. For them, this amount is quite lifting. But while it is at the level of the discussion. “Mriya” is interesting not only as a unique commercial carrier. This plane will decorate the image of any country. But for one company, such amounts are prohibitively high. We see it as some kind of interstate project”, – explained the Vice-President of the company.

As for the second copy of the aircraft, according to Kozuby, “it is technically possible. We have everything to build the airframe – fuselage, wing, empennage. But to build a second An-225 will require significant resources. The appearance of the plane almost does not change, but from the point of view of technology and engineering this is a completely different aircraft with the latest equipment and engines”.

The plane “dream” returned to Ukraine from Australia

As reported, thousands of Australians greeted the landing of the world’s largest Ukrainian Antonov An-225 “Mriya” in Australia with applause and enthusiastic reviews.