Murder in Berdyansk made a party ATO

Убийство в Бердянске совершил участник АТО

The suspect in the murder Oleshko

For Oleshko watched and carefully prepared for murder, the police said, without mentioning the motivation of the perpetrators.

The murder of volunteer battalion Donbass Vitaly Oleshko made a member of the ATO. The details of the preparation and execution of the murder on Wednesday, August 1, said the chief of police of Zaporozhye region Sergey Komissarov, reports UKRINFORM.

“He committed a crime a member of ATO. Maybe they are on the battlefield, and they had irreconcilable claims… We will work on all versions. Organized criminal group was preparing for surgery. Was prepared weapons. Purchased car, the so-called EuroBLECH so that it can then drop or destroy it. Was still involved the car with the Zaporozhye numbers,” said Komissarov.

These cars were seen at the crime scene the day before the tragedy, which suggests that Oleshko watched. According to police, the gang members arrived in Berdyansk for two days before the murder.

The car was recorded by surveillance cameras that helped in the search for criminals.

The commissioners also said that the suspects, who traveled by car, stopped and identified at the first checkpoint, and only on the second, was detained.

“They were identified and missed. We didn’t know how they’re armed, so had to train our guys not to get into trouble. And at the second checkpoint the car was detained”, – said Commissioners.

According to him, detained were handed suspicious. Among them is a man with a criminal record.

Among the versions of motive of murder – business interests, economic issues, political and domestic.

Earlier, former battalion commander, Tornado Nicholas Tsukuru said that the suspect in the murder Oleshko served in that unit, and then moved to Azov. However, today, the press service of the regiment has issued a statement in which he denied any involvement of its former members to the high-profile murder.

As reported, Oleshko was shot from a gun in the back in front of his wife and friend in the courtyard, which belongs to his family.

Police arrested five suspects in the murder Oleshko.


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