Murder in crooked Lake: three police officers removed from posts

Убийство в Кривом Озере: Еще трое полицейских отстранены от должностей

Three of the six detainees in the case about the murder of Zuckerman in Krivoe Ozero suspended from duties, conducted investigations (three more yesterday elected a measure of restraint). This was announced by Deputy Chairman of the national police of Ukraine Konstantin Bushuev.

“On the position of the regional Prosecutor’s office with them (the three suspects in the murder of a man in Krivoe Ozero – ed.), investigations are conducted, they are suspended from duty, and in the territory of curve Lake or in the police Department, the curve Lake they are not,” said Bushuyev.

He noted that some of the instructions in this case were not received.

“We can talk about the court decision on the adoption of preventive measures to suspects in this matter (the murder of] police in Krivoe Ozero)… Individual assignments from the prosecution units of the national police Mykolaiv region in the framework of criminal proceedings has not been received,” – said the Deputy Chairman of the national police.

In his opinion, in the circumstances, public confidence in the police can return only one way – to act solely according to the law.

“In this division, the staffing situation is ambiguous. A very large shortage (basically, not enough people), including after certification, because of the long trends of the uncertainty of the management team… the Key task is the solution of personnel questions, and then we’ll fine-tuning of each unit in the Nikolaev area”, – told about the problems in the region Bushuev.

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As you know, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, 24 August in the village of Kryve Ozero in the Nikolaev area there was a conflict between a taxi driver and a 32-year-old Alexander Zuckerman. In place of the police arrived and arrested the Zuckerman. Eyewitnesses said that during the arrest the police began to beat the man who was in handcuffs, and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko later reported that the detainee also shot. As a result, 32-year-old man died. Doctors found that he died from a gunshot wound. Now six police officers arrested.

Three of them remanded: Denis Shatskogo was arrested for two months, the senior Lieutenant Nikolay Khomenko and Sergeant Alexander Pricepaid for one month.