Murder Mostovskoy: police said the reasons

Убийство Ноздровской: полиция назвала причины

The murder of the lawyer stirred up the public

Drowning is the least likely cause of death for lawyers.

Found dead a human rights activist Iryna Noskovskaya, according to the preliminary examination of her body, died a violent death; finally the cause of her death will be established later. About it in the comments said the spokesman of the police of the Kiev region, Nikolai Zhukovich.

According to him, the evidence of a forensic medical examination help to exclude the possibility of rape yuristkoy. “Her body found stab wounds on the neck and on the chin. We are talking about violent death,” said Zhukovich.

As the official said, the autopsy results yet, but preliminary we can say that drowning is the least likely cause of death Mostovskoy.

Also Zhukovich has denied rumors that the former head of Vyshgorod district court Sergey Kuprienko – uncle Dmitry rossoshansky convicted of an accident 2015, which killed sister Moskovskoy – supposedly she went with her family to Russia. “Nobody ran away and didn’t, at least (as of) yesterday evening,” – he stressed.

The speaker of allpolicies added that all persons circle of friends Mostovskoy, which are now interviewed by the police, Ukraine never left.

Recall, January 1, in the Kiev region in one of the rivers, the police found the body of missing human rights activist Irina Mostovskoy.

The investigation into the murder of lawyer Irina Mostovskoy taken under special control of the Prosecutor of the Kiev region.