Murder Mostovskoy: Rossoshanskiy changed suspicion

Убийство Ноздровской: Россошанскому изменили подозрение

Rossoshanskiy is under arrest since January

According to a new suspect, Rossoshanskiy threatened with imprisonment for the term from 10 till 15 years or lifelong.

The Prosecutor’s office changed the suspicion Yuri Rossoshanskiy, who is accused of the murder of human rights activist Irina Mostovskoy. On Monday, July 23, the press service of the Prosecutor of Kyiv region.

Earlier it was reported about suspicion under part 1 St. 115 (premeditated murder) of UK of Ukraine.

Now the suspicion is changed to part second item 4 of article 115 (premeditated murder committed with special cruelty) of the Criminal code, which provide penalties of imprisonment for the term from 10 till 15 years or lifelong imprisonment.

Also, the result was conclusions of a forensic medical examination, which indicated numerous stab wounds from the victim that became the basis for the changes previously reported suspicions.

“On the basis of article 290 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine the parties open materials for review, after which the indictment is directed to court for consideration in essence”, – stated in the message.

Recall missing Irina Mostovskoy found dead near Kiev January 1.

However, Irina’s relatives Moskovskoy doubt that the Blame for the crime rossoshanskaya.


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