Murder Sheremet: the GPU decided that it was not a terrorist attack

Убийство Шеремета: в ГПУ решили, что это не теракт

Pavel Sharamet killed in the center of Kiev two years ago

Examination has established the power of the explosive device – from 350 to 700 grams of TNT. The consequence insists that it is “a relatively small number to defeat many of the objectives”.

The investigation of the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet has not established to the crime of the hallmarks of a terrorist act. This is stated in the explanations that the Prosecutor General’s office provided in response to the statement of the Ukrainian truth editor Olena Prytula, the newspaper reports on Thursday, 2 August.

“The subjective side of a crime under article 258 of the criminal code (terrorism – ed.) involves a violation of public security, intimidate the population, provocation of the military conflict, international complications, the impact on decision making or the Commission or omission of action by public authorities”, – noted in GPU.

The Supervisory Agency claim that “at the time of registration production and today these signs are not installed”.

Also, police say that the examination established the power of the explosive device – from 350 to 700 grams of TNT. The consequence insists that it is “a relatively small number to defeat many of the objectives”.

“Mounting method of the device, the orientation of the blast wave and its submunitions exclusively in the interior of the car (the driver seat) eliminate the possibility of hitting other persons”, – stated in the explanations.

In the GPU say their staff for the supervision of the SBU studied the criminal proceedings and also have not established grounds for qualification the murder as a terrorist attack.

It is also reported that the Prosecutor, which is the procedural head in the case and two investigators of the national police are exempt from other investigations to focus “efforts exclusively on this production.”

The requirement Olena Prytula to recognize her victim in the case, the Prosecutor’s office responded that “the rights and obligations of the victim arise from the moment of submission of a statement of offence or statements of attraction as a victim.”

“Such a statement from Olena Prytula (20.07.2017), and also mother of journalist Sheremet Lyudmila Stanislavovna and daughter Elizabeth (21.07.2017) is received by investigators of the national police. After the statements of all the victims were issued a reminder about procedural rights and obligations of the victim, which are their signatures,” – noted in Prosecutor’s office.

We will remind, Pavel of Sheremet died 20 July 2016 in the explosion of his car in the center of Kiev. The Prosecutor’s office the death of a journalist called murder.

Despite the availability of video recording with the performers of murder of the journalist, police say they don’t have enough evidence to solve the case.

“We have no real evidence that we still collect”, – said the Deputy head of the security service of Ukraine Viktor Kononenko.

But the police said that the investigation found the person who may be involved in the murder Sheremeta, but it still needs to be identified.

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