Murder Sheremet. The police said version

Убийство Шеремета. В полиции рассказали версии

Journalist Pavel Sharamet killed on July 20 in Kiev

Law enforcement officers do not exclude the involvement in the murder of journalist fighters machardie.

The police does not exclude involvement in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet members of the National guard. This was stated by the head of the National police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev, in an interview with Deutsche Welle.

“Including,” – said Knyazev to the question whether the police version about involvement in the murder Sheremeta national guard soldiers.

The head of national police also noted that the killers of the journalist caught on video.

“They are the videos that we have collected in the first three days. All this time we studied the records, checked out a huge amount of information. The results showed in February. Believe me, over the investigation of this case works a huge number of people in the police. In parallel runs and works closely with us, and even a Department of the SBU,” – said Knyazev.

Speaking about why the resonant crime is still not solved, the head of the national police stated that it was prepared by people who are thoroughly prepared and maximally reduced the number of their mistakes.

We will remind, Pavel of Sheremet was killed by a blast in the car on the morning of 20 July. The head of GPU, Yury Lutsenko called the death Sheremet murder.

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