Murzin: Competition in the team will be very serious

Мурзин: Конкуренция в сборной будет очень серьезная

Yevgeny Murzin

The head coach of the men’s national team of Ukraine Yevhen Murzin told about the team’s preparation for the upcoming Eurobasket-2017.

The head coach of the men’s national team of Ukraine Yevhen Murzin in an interview with the portal told about the team’s preparation for the upcoming Eurobasket 2017, as well as assessed the performance of wards in foreign Championships.

– Preparation for the European championship we will start the 13th of July at the international tennis Academy. The expanded list of players is ready. The first week of training camp will be held in Ukraine, then planned a week-long training camp in Slovenia, where the move to Italy, where we will take part in the tournament. Besides us, there will play the teams of the Netherlands, Belarus and Italy. Then return to base in ITA in the forest–Vodice, where we will continue training. Also scheduled friendly matches with the national teams of Slovenia and Croatia (12-13 August), and Turkey and Montenegro (24-25 August).

– In the expanded list, the two players to the NBA – Alex Lang and Joel Bolombi. What is the probability that they will arrive in the national team?

– While I can’t say for sure about their involvement. I can say that at the first gathering they will not, because NBA rules, they can start training in the team no earlier than 30 days before the start of the tournament. If they come, it will be somewhere in early August. I can say that Lena, and Bolomba have a desire to play for the national team. We now communicate closely with Boomboom. The leadership of the Utah jazz do not mind that he played at the Eurobasket. He Bolombi also wants to play. Now we solve technical issues with his agent. Bolombi will participate in the NBA summer League and after 26 July will be released. If we all agree, that the first of August he should be in the team.

Bolomba Ukrainian passport, he wants to play for Ukraine. At the time he was summoned Mike Fratello, but at the gathering he was injured. Last year he couldn’t come. But now, hopefully, everything should work out.

What are the strong sides in the game of Bolomba?

– He is a very athletic player, can close the position of the fourth and fifth rooms. In the D-League played center, Utah jazz – heavy striker. He has a flair for selection, speed, athleticism. Maybe throw is not the most strong of its quality but due to pressure, physical strength he makes up for it. The kind of player we need.

Who talks about coming to the team with Lanem?

– He has direct contact through the President of the Federation. Also deal with his agent. I hope that the position of the fourth issue will arrive Vladimir herun summarizes. He is a young player who went to school PSAA, and last season played in “Barcelona B”. Our representative in PSAA Sviatoslav mykhailiuk already arrived in Ukraine, he is currently in Cherkasy on the collection of U–20. In the near future I will communicate with him. In addition, the list includes Pooh Jeter. We constantly keep in touch with him and hopefully he will come. But while he shizzle not told neither “Yes” nor “no”.

– The question of the arrival of Lane will depend on if he gets a new contract in Phoenix?

– I think so. He is now in limbo. Phoenix he agreement does not offer, other clubs too. Because at stake are very significant amounts – you need to be patient. I think by the end of July, we will finally understand – he will come to the national team or not. Now I have more hope for the arrival of Bolomba.

– What is the situation with Sergey Gladyrya? In an interview he gave to understand that summer will treat the knees and the team will not come…

– Yes, his team most likely will not. At the end of the championship of France it lies on the operation period of rehabilitation after which will not allow him to take part in the Eurobasket. He has serious health problems. In the team he can come as a guest, to visit the kids.

– Pooh Jeter is the only candidate for naturalizing player? Are there other options, in case of his refusal to play for the national team of Ukraine?

– A lot of options, but for the microclimate in the team we would like to see Pooh Jeter. He fit in the team, with all the guys he’s got a great relationship. Naturalized player will either Pooh Jeter, or no one at all.

– Mykhailiuk announced his candidacy for the NBA draft, but then took it off. How do you evaluate his decision?

– As far as I know, he got re-injured. Because of this, he failed to show in full effect at the draft combine, so I did.

– How now its health?

– All right. I’m in Cherkasy, talk to him. I know his father, we will communicate.

– In qualification for Eurobasket first number of the national team of Ukraine was Denis Lukashov, I must say, it was one of the best in the team. But the club season had not asked. Are not you worried?

– It was probably not the best season Lukashova. His team struggled in the Euro Cup, played in the VTB League, but playing time Denis was not so much. This in my understanding. Although he played in a strong team on a good level. Also, the position of the first number I hope the Linden, on Moshulu.

– From the youth team had planned to invite someone to the training camp of the national team?

– Only Mikhaylyuk. Maybe there will be someone from the student team, headed by Valery Plekhanov.

– During the season our center – Kyrylo Fesenko and Viacheslav Kravtsov missed some time due to injuries. They will manage to gather the necessary condition for training camp?

– I believe that the positions of the fifth and fourth numbers are the strongest in the national team. Competition among the big will be very serious. I have no worries – he plays in his club, Fesenko also recovered after surgery. Perhaps a good form he has not fully recovered, but physically he feels good. But his season ends in mid-June – there is still time to get in shape. Also in this position we have Artem Pustovoy, who spent a beautiful season in Spain. His game is progressing and I count on him. I hope this season will be the best for him in the national team as in game time and result.

– Vladimir herun summarizes in “Barcelona B” also operates at the center position…

He can play 4-5 rooms. Now he plays the fifth, but in his position – the fourth number. We also have Igor Zaitsev, who because of injury missed last season. There are also Kornienko, beavers. Competition, as I said, it will be very big.

– What positions, in your opinion, the problem?

– There are problems with the first and third rooms. Will solve them due to the strong positions will transfer children to other positions.

– How would you rate the past season for our legionaries?

– The Fake was a very good practice in the Greek championship. He played against Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, AEK – not the last European teams. He played in different positions and think, look good. Coach he, too, trust is important. Windbags became the champion of Romania. Max played unevenly – has been a good match, there were recessions in the game. But the playing time he was good. The beavers had a very good season in France. His team have improved in the class – came out in the second division. He’s got great stats – 13.5 points, 8.5 rebounds, 3.5 assists, 2.5 blocked shots!

– What will be your coaching staff?

Instead of Yaroslav Zubritsky with the national team again will work Leonid Ivatan. Also my assistants remain Yushkin and Lochmandy. In addition, the Federation signed a contract with the coach from Greece, who will be responsible for physical training. I want to say that the Federation does much for the team. This year we will hold a training camp in Slovenia. Also signed a contract with the Italian outfit – the team will be wearing the shoes and clothes look presentable. Try to get to the level that was in the national team under Fratello.

– For you, Eurobasket 2017 will be the second in as head coach of the national team of Ukraine? What conclusions have you made for yourself after the debut of the tournament?

– One conclusion: you need to learn. I am grateful to the Federation that I was thrice sent for internships. Grateful “Budivelnik” for having had some practice in the Ukrainian League.

Behind group opponents at the Eurobasket already follow?

– Not even all the teams hung extended compositions. But, of course, will track. Before the tournament we have all the necessary information. A group of us difficult. In Germany, on the position of the first rooms Schroeder arrives from the NBA, from Italy in the first room – Hackett, who 1.97 growth. So will think about how to neutralize them.

– What match in the tournament, in your opinion, may be the key?

– All matches will be important, won’t be easy games. But the first game against Germany will be very important.

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