Murzin: I Hope that this Eurobasket we will spend adequately

Мурзин: Надеюсь, что этот Евробаскет мы проведем достойно

Yevgeny Murzin

The coach of the national team of Ukraine on basketball spoke about the composition on the eve of Eurobasket 2017.

The coach of the national team of Ukraine on basketball Evgeny Murzin on the eve of the departure of the team for Eurobasket-2017, told about formation of structure and the goals of the team in the European championship.

“Look forward to this European championship.Many of the journalists rushed to record us outsiders. Yes, our results in the friendlies were not encouraging for fans. But I can say with full responsibility – we will fight in every match.

To date, we are not the strongest composition. There are injured players, we were not able to negotiate with the players playing in the NBA, no naturalized player. But, I’m sure we will fight in every match, will do many surprises and too early to write us off. I hope this Eurobasket we will spend adequately.

The final composition of the 12 people I can’t call. Due to trauma of some players. We will take a fully healthy, fully ready players who will be released and will perform at the site in full. I need returns 100, even 110 percent, if not all of 120. In every game. Therefore, if a person will be tiny, he won’t be able to enjoy the game fully.

The main question, which may compensate or that the lack of – returns. I need to make each player go out and do anything to win. All friendlies do not show the full picture. The full picture will show the European championship. I hope and even believe that all players are aware of the responsibility entrusted to us tasks. For us Ukraine and we want to look good, so we will fight each opponent,” said Murzin.

We will remind, in the group stage of Eurobasket-2017 rivals Ukraine will be Italy, Germany, Georgia, Israel and Lithuania. Will fight on TH Ukrainians on 31 August with the Germans, with 15:45.

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