Murzin: I Managed to win thanks to great defense

Мурзин: Сумели победить благодаря отличной игре в защите

Head coach of Ukraine shared his emotions after the victory over Spain.

The head coach of the national team of Ukraine on basketball Evgeny Murzin said that was the main aspect of his team’s victory over the Spaniards.

“I would like to thank everyone who came to support us – it was extremely important to us. Today we won because of great defense. 65 missed points – an excellent result against a strong team like Spain.

We are well prepared for the match, and knew about the opponent’s everything. Today, a huge responsibility fell on our first offer, which played against one of the best point guards in Europe. Jeter and Lukashov has played phenomenally.

Now we will prepare for Montenegro. Very nice to go to the next match after the victory. This idea should give us confidence,” said Murzin at the post-match press conference.

We will remind that after the match the Ukrainian team occupies the second place in their group and very soon she will meet with the team of Montenegro.

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