Musicians The Rolling Stones asked him to finish interrupted 50 years ago the concert

Музыкантов The Rolling Stones попросили доиграть прерванный 50 лет назад концерт

Legendary British rockers The Rolling Stones 50 years later was invited to perform in the U.S. city of Lynn (near Boston), where the musicians played on 24 June 1966, however, the concert had to be interrupted because of the storm. Frustrated musicians said that Lynn never go back, reports the Daily Item.

Their words were motivated by the fact that interrupted the show resulted in riots, who staged angry by the cancellation of the concert fans of the band. The fans broke through the fence, with the result that the police had to use tear gas.

After the lapse of 50 years after the scandalous incident, the publisher of the local newspaper Daily Item – Ted Grant, was sent to representatives of The Rolling Stones official letter with the request to return.

Музыкантов The Rolling Stones попросили доиграть прерванный 50 лет назад концерт

In an open letter, Grant said that on that memorable day he was absent in the stadium, because the mother didn’t allow him to leave the house in the dark. The publisher indicates that the town, which was mostly inhabited by the workers, has changed dramatically. It has a large concert hall and many new restaurants. Grant even promised to pick up group members from the airport to place in your own home, drink coffee, feed dinner and offer a round of Golf. In return, he asks only one thing – to perform for the residents of Lynn song Monkey Man.

While the representatives of The Rolling Stones did not react to such a tempting offer.

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