Musk decided not to buy Tesla stock

Маск передумал выкупать акции Tesla

The businessman reassured shareholders stating that the company will become private, and will remain public.

American businessman Elon Musk after the meeting with the investors refused from the intentions to make the company private and Tesla. This is stated in his statement in the company blog.

“Yesterday I met with members of the Board of Directors of Tesla and let them know that I believe that for Tesla the best way is to remain public,” the statement said.

Musk said that he came to this decision, because for the preservation of the current status of the company expressed most of its investors. Some of them said that has a limited capacity of investing money in private business. Musk also argue that the process of turning Tesla into a private company takes a lot of time.

“This is a problem because we should be completely focused on Model 3 and the output in a profitable activity,” wrote Musk.

Earlier, the shareholders, Tesla has filed a lawsuit against the Mask for the tweet about a possible buyout of the company.


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