Musk has given permission to a tunnel between new York and Washington

Маск получила разрешение на тоннель между Нью-Йорком и Вашингтоном

Musk has received a construction permit

The tunnel will connect the four cities.

Elon Musk stated on the permit from U.S. authorities to build a tunnel between new York and Washington for his Hyperloop project. About the Musk said in his Twitter.

“Just received verbal approval of the government for the construction of The Boring Company (construction company owned by the Mask, PIM. “RG”) underground line new York – Philadelphia – Baltimore – Washington. The line will run from center of one city to the center of the other. Each will create up to a dozen elevators for entry and exit,” wrote Musk.

Project bullet trains going through the tunnel with rarefied air, Musk announced in 2013. On the assurances of the Mask, with the latest technology and his entrepreneurial genius, the way from Amsterdam to Paris will take no more than an hour.

However, critics of the Mask claim that all his projects are either unprofitable (indeed, his Тesla car company ended last year with billions of dollars of losses), or as Hyperloop has been developed earlier, and was recognized as a dead end from the point of view of further use and technical implementation.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that ultrafast Hyperloop passed full test.

Built part of the way for ultra-fast Hyperloop