Muzhenko has said it is ready to repel Russian aggression

Муженко заявил о готовности отразить агрессию РФ

Ukrainian army is preparing for several scenarios of an escalation with Russia

Troops of Ukraine work out countermeasures in different scenarios: as from the onset of the separatists, and large-scale aggression of Russia.

Ukrainian army is ready to large-scale aggression from Russian troops, said the head of the General staff of the armed forces Victor Muzhenko in an interview to BNS.

“We are considering a scenario of possible escalation of the conflict in the South-East of Ukraine to the aggression against Ukraine”, – he said.

According to glavnokomanduyuschego, these scenarios are practiced countermeasures.

“The troops are preparing for it, are completed, and today we are able to resist the Russian Federation. How we prepare, we anticipate, so we believe that these scenarios can be real,” he said.

Takju muzhenko noted that there are no signals that the future administration of the American President Donald trump will change course and abandon the planned support to Ukraine.

Earlier, the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov said that the Ukrainian army one of the strongest in Europe.

Also note that the reform of the Ministry of defence will be completed in 2018.