Muzhenko is responsible for the explosions in Kalinovka

Муженко считает себя ответственным за взрывы в Калиновке

Muzhenko commented on the explosion near Kalinovka

The chief of staff continues to insist on sabotage.

The chief of the General staff Viktor Muzhenko believes is responsible for the explosions at an ammunition depot in the Vinnitsa region. He said this during an interview, reports the New time.

“I consider myself responsible (for the situation in Kalinovka, ed.), because that is the object of the Armed forces, but I didn’t want all the problems and shortcomings that have taken place in the organization for the protection and security of such objects were generally assigned only to me personally and to my subordinates,” – said the chief of staff. Muzhenko noted that he sees some signs that the situation in Kalinovka was the result of sabotage.

Earlier, the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios said that the region was not subversive groups.

Earlier Muzhenko said that to blame his subordinates and inaction in connection with explosions at an ammunition depot in Kalynivka will fail.

The evening of September 26 started the explosions in the Arsenal of the defense Ministry of Ukraine near the town of Kalynivka. According to the data available in open sources, the warehouses stored 188 thousand tons of ammunition and 10 thousand conventional cars, including missiles for the MLRS Smerch, Uragan and Grad.