Muzhenko said the weapons Kiev is waiting for US

Муженко рассказал, какое оружие Киев ждет от США

The Head Of The General Staff Viktor Muzhenko

Ukraine is waiting for political decisions of the White house.

Ukraine gave US the whole list of weapons, which would like to. All the necessary negotiations are completed, now the decision depends on Washington. This was stated by the chief of the General staff Viktor Muzhenko, reports

According to him, Ukraine asks about the provision of the means of aerial reconnaissance, anti-tank systems, EW systems.

The chief of staff added that now we have to wait for a political solution.

To the question, what may prevent you from receiving such assistance from the United States, Muzhenko noted that some interpret that the explosions of warehouses in Kalinovka are intended to prevent the supply of arms from the United States.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier in September, the U.S. Senate approved a draft defense budget for 2018, which allocated $ 500 million to support Ukraine in security and defense.

According to the information of the President of Petro Poroshenko, the draft law authorizes the granting Ukraine lethal weapons of a defensive character.

In August the journalist Yury Butusov reported that the lethal weapon of the USA in Ukraine. In particular, it was determined that the grenade launchers and sniper rifles that entered service in the regiment and Azov and rapid response teams.