Muzhenko told about the APU transition to NATO standards

Муженко рассказал о переходе ВСУ на стандарты НАТО

The APU switch to NATO standards more soon

Ukraine interfere with huge stockpiles of Soviet ammunition.

The legacy of the USSR, Ukraine inherited an impressive inventory of weapons and ammunition and because the transition of the Ukrainian army, even on small arms NATO is not a quick process. This broadcast of the voice of America said the chief of the General staff of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko.

“This process is not as fast as we would like. A lot of weapons and military equipment in Ukraine is a technique of the former USSR. Everything will depend on how intense will be re-Mat. But this process goes,” he said.

As a recent example, the chief of the General staff led the assault rifle M4-WAC-47, which Ukroboronprom will produce under license the US company Aerocraft.

Rifle created on the basis of the AR-15 and thanks to the modular design it provides the ability to change caliber: replace the upper part of the carabiner. Possible shooting with the American 5.56×45 mm NATO and Soviet 7.62 mm×39 mm.

At the same time, Muzhenko refused to name even approximate date for the transition towards the caliber of NATO.

Recall that in the Armed forces of Ukraine according to NATO standards already trained eight battalions.