Muzhenko told about the protection of the Kherson region during the annexation of Crimea

Муженко рассказал о защите Херсонской области во время аннексии Крыма

Muzhenko told about the situation in 2014

The General staff said that the troops were collected from each location.

During the occupation of Crimea by Russia in 2014 on the territory of Kherson region was transferred 8 thousand military. On Monday, December 11, said the chief of the General staff of the Armed forces of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko radio Blogger FM.

“Already there was an understanding that a peaceful annexation is not over. Because it will still be a confrontation. And then the decision was made to create the appropriate groups along the border, and I had to implement the formation of the group, which operated in the South on the Crimean isthmus,” – said Muzhenko. According to him, in the mode of this work and on the range “Wide all right”, then in the Kherson steppes, was carried out troop movements.

Muzhenko said that the troops were collected from each location, each operational command is more or less ready for combat-trained units, and thus gathered then the group of about 8 thousand people.

Earlier Muzhenko told that the General staff of the APU was developing a plan for amphibious operations in the Crimea to prevent Crimea’s annexation.