Muzhenko was deprived of military ranks of the two bribes

Муженко лишил воинских званий двух взяточников

Viktor Muzhenko has punished corrupt officials in the ranks of the APU

Caught on a bribe employees of commandant’s office.

Two employees of military commandant’s office in Volnovakha deprived of military ranks for bribery. About this in Facebook said the chief of the General staff Victor Muzhenko.

“Completed an internal investigation on the fact of extortion and receiving a bribe in the amount of 6000 USD. the servicemen of the military commandant’s office Volnovakha, a captain and a Sergeant Maskilim Podkovin. Made the decision on deprivation of military ranks of the aforementioned servicemen,” wrote Muzhenko.

According Muzhenko, the next 60 days takers will spend behind bars.

As reported Корреспондент.net, may 7, in the Rivne region have been arrested by the national guard.

In the Kharkiv region was detained by the military Commissar-the bribe taker