My dream is to bring the Eurovision song contest in Lviv

Моя мечта - привезти Евровидение во Львов


– Where to hold the Eurovision 2017: in Kiev or choose another city?

– I congratulate Ukraine with such expected, even predictable, and extremely important victory. I’m happy as a child! I don’t know… I was so happy in our year, when we won. Just now added everything that happened in 12 years, adding two Maidan. Added all the experiences that exist today in Ukraine. Today added a completely different level and scale. Then I was happy as a musician and singer. Now I rejoice, as a Ukrainian and a citizen, as someone who understands how important this is to my country.

My dream is to bring the Eurovision song contest in Lviv. It is a European town, the Europeans will feel comfortable and easy to ride. Lviv has established itself as a very stable, calm, and balanced the city over the last period. If other cities had some excitement, the lions went all consistently, smoothly, without turbulence.

But it’s fair to say that it is entitled to all cities that want to realize themselves. Kiev is the progenitor. Despite my dreams, it is worth spending here. It is still the capital, there emerged Kievan Rus and the whole vast culture. And it would be worth to dot the “I” in history.

– Whether to adopt such a decision at the competition? And what criteria must match the winning city?

– We should hold a contest where will be most comfortable for our guests, because we say the most important phrase – Welcome to Ukraine. It should not be artificial, and guaranteed from the point of view not of promises, but the fact that people believe it and will understand that it is true.

Many conversations were to the Eurovision song contest was held in the Crimea. I know that this is the first way to the Crimea became closer. Perhaps Jamal is talking about it, but wants it to happen in her native Crimea. I have to say it by saying: music speaks about what politicians are afraid to speak. I’m not afraid to voice it, it, including the dream of many people.

– What should be the budget for this event?

– I think that Ukraine should implement it for optimal money. We need to demonstrate its full potential, but that it is not damaged just the crisis in the country.

By far, there is every opportunity to gather donors, investment. If this is done lawfully, on proper, open, democratic scheme, money can be collected much more than their supposedly partly to allocate and there sprayed and steal. I believe that we as a society are now able to control every action of the state structures and we can analyze how to properly, adequately took a particular decision. I really urge you… I was born today this phrase is very unexpected: “not to be in proportion, you have to be in the subject.” I really urge all Ukrainians to “be in”, not to leave this question. Take an active part in making every decision this momentous.

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On the other hand, is not going away, the phrase that if you include creativity and imagination, you can do everything much more interesting and original. There is such a simple thing as innovation. If you bring all the innovations and to show Ukraine as an extremely progressive and I think the country, which is already in the public plan went ahead, it could go in terms of innovation, forward. All this just gives us the opportunity to make the Eurovision song contest.

– What experience of the Eurovision song contest 2005, you should first take into account Ukraine in the preparation? Perhaps there are some things that are worth repeating or, conversely, avoid?

– When we then tried to make it as close as possible to the ideal, we understand that there are opportunities. All eyes are on the Ukraine, all want Ukraine once again surprised. Believe me, this satisfaction not only for us, Ukrainians. The impression that the victory and success of Ukraine wants the whole world. And I don’t want to enumerate all of the points why people want it. For the victory and success of Ukraine, there are just simple things – a victory of justice, victory of dignity, the victory of independence, the victory of freedom, victory some of the time, modern rhetoric. It is just right, if not more global and inspirational categories.

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Then we wanted to offer all his experience. Unfortunately, all were in the euphoria of the Orange revolution, and we are literally told how around Yushchenko and Tymoshenko environment) that “we will not give funds to advance the Ukraine, because Ukraine is already saying, we don’t need”. Policy! I understand that you sometimes look at things partially, or beneficial to you so to speak, but this time it won’t work, because there is already too much passed in those 12 years. Evolution happened, and apparently this one will have to do everything as close as possible to the ideal. First of all, do not skimp on the Ukraine, do not skimp on the fact that we desperately need. We’re all in the same boat under the name “Ukraine”, we have now “what we need” and “what you need”. All that Ukraine needs, – we cannot cut corners. This is the first point that I want to do. This is in relation to the higher offices, which now will take decisions.

Second. You need to bet on the creativity and exotic Ukraine: scene design, merchandise, Souvenirs, presenters, clothing. Everything should look like tomorrow, not today, and tomorrow. Ukraine, which is “tomorrow”, that tomorrow we’ll Wake up and we offer so lived the world. All this ideology is put in even scenario leading in commercials, when it will host the European and world community. They should arrive in the future, which gives them the Ukraine.

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– As for the Russian participants and guests, must conduct themselves as tolerant or all of the same symmetry with the behavior that is showing Russia on the Ukrainian victory at the Eurovision song contest?

– Ukraine always needs to be higher, we have to put boorish Russian policies in place. In the end, it’s time to prove that we are independent, incorruptible, unbribable that we have a core that wins, and not only at the song contest “Eurovision”, but also in sports, in other fields, in art now Ukraine will be wonderfully presented. “Dakha Brakha”, Jamal, the other wonderful projects now have a green light, and I found that very inspiring. I don’t want to go into cheap showdown and sink to the level that pulls us Russian propaganda. I’m not interested. They thereby just drown in his eyes – and his, and the world community. No one with “negatively” never want neither to talk to nor friends, neither to deal nor to do business together. They break communications, but we must build. Ukraine must be above the negative and sometimes boorish politicians and simply the aggressive policy of Russia, and must do everything in order to become the most organic in communications. That is where Ukraine is, there is always open communication.

– Still we have to be tolerant?

– We’re already tolerant enough, we have so many “natalienatalie” that I think everyone needs to learn from us, so we are already tolerant. But where we should show the character, then we also must not deviate from their. And all things should always be called by their names, not to succumb to provocations. You know, I think for next year we want to provoke and criticize than ever, and our strength is that we simply will not allow to do it. Not humiliate us, nor to embroil.

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– Who deserves to represent Ukraine at the next Eurovision song contest?

Is we all must address during the national selection. I believe that this year took place almost perfect scheme. People were wondering what Ukrainian music, the people asked themselves, what is modern Ukrainian music so much I listen to it, who I really like. And it doesn’t matter, or is it now on the radio, or it was 10 years on the radio, or it was all in the days when I listened to the center and all admired the “Chervona Ruta”. The main thing that people just realized that we have our own music, and she’s cool. And this year it happened to just mention it. I already had the impression that we just forgot about Ukrainian music, and so were concerned about other issues that don’t remember, from which our life consists. The national selection that has stirred up this year Ukraine must solve in the next year, who is worthy to represent the real, exotic, original, unique, unique Ukrainian music.