Mykhailiuk was named the best basketball player on the planet

Михайлюк назвал лучшего баскетболиста на планете

According to the Ukrainian, the Lakers will really qualify for the championship in the upcoming season

Ukrainian rookie Lakers Svyatoslav Mikhailuk shared his impressions of the transition, the team LeBron James.

“All who want to play basketball, should follow the example of LeBron. It before anyone comes into the room, and makes there a lot of work. James follows him. I think now he’s the best player on the planet.

His arrival will help us much to change the game. Besides him, the team has come a few strong guys, but he is able to turn the game. Thanks to LeBron, the Lakers can claim the championship this season,” – said Mikhailyuk in an interview with Smoove Blog.

Earlier Svyatoslav told that the Choice of the Lakers in the draft was a surprise for him.

According to the materials: