Mykhailove Chudo 2019: holiday features

Михайлово чудо 2019: особенности праздника

In Ukraine, September 19, I remember mykhailove Chudo

According to legend it was the Archangel Michael descended from heaven the fallen angel who became Satan.

In the Christian tradition, September 19, to commemorate the St. Archangel Mikhail and remember the Mikhailov miracle. About the features of the holiday, its traditions and taboos, and about what mykhailove Chudo will tell Корреспондент.net.

According to Church belief, the Archangel Michael was the one who defeated the fallen angel and banished him and his companions to the underworld. It is believed that since then, Michael heads the Lord’s army, and meets the souls of the dead at the gates of heaven.

What is mykhailove Chudo

In Christianity there is a story according to which the Archangel Michael healed from muteness, the daughter of a resident of Hones, near Hierapolis. The man was built after the Archangel Church, a sacristan in which more than half a century served as the godly Archippus Krotovsky.

Once the pagans decided to destroy the temple, connecting and sending him two mountain rivers. Then the name began to pray to the Archangel Michael. He showed up near the temple and cut through the mountain cleft, in which the left all the water.

The name of the city Hones in translation and means “cleft”.

Prohibitions and signs Michaelmas

In the Christian traditions of Ukraine firmly entrenched pagan traditions. Therefore, every Orthodox holiday accompany bans.

In Michaelmas prohibited to work and do household chores. Special prohibition existed on the use of cutting objects.

Like all religious holidays, this day should not curse, do evil to, to cheat.

According to ancient superstitions, if the Michaelmas warm autumn will be long. Also, our ancestors believed that:

  • If mykhailove Chudo birch turn yellow from the bottom up – winter will be early, and Vice versa.
  • After Michaelmas come the first frost.
  • Frost on mykhailove Chudo – winter will be snowy.
  • Clouds in the evening on mykhailove Chudo blue – waiting for the weather to change.

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