NABOO: During the year the police arrested more than 200 million corruption of funds

НАБУ: За год всего арестовано более 200 млн гривен коррупционных средств

The Director of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) Artem Sytnik said that for the year arrested more than 200 million corruption of funds. He declared it in interview “ЛІГА.net”.

“For today the total sum of the arrested means exceeds 200 million hryvnias. Also arrested monetary funds, movable and immovable property”, – he said.

According to him, one of those indictments, which had been brought to court, the highest post occupied the head of the government institution, who is accused of embezzling 16 million.

“Before the first case in court was done enormous work on creation of anti-Corruption Bureau. If you someone will say that the new law enforcement Agency possible to create in less than 8 months – don’t believe him. Having studied the experience of creating new anti-corruption bodies in other countries, I can safely say that none of them has achieved in its first year of creation and work. From himself and the anticorruption prosecution can say that we will do everything to ensure that these cases in court were considered appropriate”, he added.

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Recall that the NAB filed nine criminal proceedings against persons. 12 According to Sytnik, mostly judges who were documented on receiving a bribe, as well as case concerning one of heads of export control service, which is accused of taking bribes in the amount of 250 thousand dollars.