NABU and SAP closed the case against Lutsenko media

НАБУ и САП закрыли дело против Луценко - СМИ

The case of illicit enrichment Lutsenko was closed

Investigation of possible illicit enrichment of public Prosecutor was terminated before the decision of the constitutional court, which annulled the relevant article.

The national anti-corruption Bureau and the Specialized anticorruption Prosecutor’s office has closed criminal proceedings on the fact of possible illicit enrichment, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko, who has previously criticized this article. On Saturday, March 16, Coolsat Ukrainian news, citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

“Case closed,” he said.

It is noted that it was closed even before the decision of the constitutional court, which abolished criminal liability for illegal enrichment.

The case was closed in connection with absence in actions of Lutsenko crime.

The investigation was conducted from October 2017, according to the court, which ordered the NAB to initiate an investigation into possible illegal enrichment.

Later, the court also ordered the NAB to investigate the bribery Lutsenko.


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