NABU checks Finance Lutsenko media

НАБУ проверяет финансы Луценко - СМИ

NABU year investigating possible illegal enrichment Lutsenko

The court granted 20 temporary access to banking and financial documents of the public Prosecutor.

Anti-corruption agencies (NAB, SAP) gained access to financial records in the case of a possible illicit enrichment of public Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko. On Thursday, November 8, reported Ukrainian news, citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

“Received 20 temporary access to banking and financial documents and the possibility of their withdrawal,” said the source.

The interviewee said that these documents have already shown a lot of interesting. “Showed the movement of funds and so forth,” he said.

At the same time, he assured that the suspect Lutsenko until the question.

Recall, the NAB brought the case on the fact of possible illicit enrichment Lutsenko in November last year. The Prosecutor General is to open the case reacted calmly.


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